• "Can you tell a green field from a cold steel rail, 
    a smile from a veil?" (Pink Floyd)

Data Labeling Services

AI has brought about a completely new way of using computers to do things, and yet, more than 80% data currently is unstructured and unusable. Applying AI techniques like Deep Learning often requires human help to make sense of data; that is where we come in.

Being an AI company, we can relate to your data requirements much better. We can help you quickly digitalize your business with our data labeling services. 

Do you have large amounts of images for object classification, localization or detection? Do you have data that you need labelled for diagnostics and analytics? 

We can quickly turn around your data, accurately labelled at a cost that would make sense for your project.

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How it works

Project Definition

One of our consultants works with you to define your requirement. Together you will identify exactly what needs to be done for your project and how it should be delivered to you. 


Together with you, we will define and do a small production test-run to make sure that we have addressed all your requirements, and that all your expectations are being met .


As soon as you are satisfied with the test run and you are ready, we start the main production and begin to send you the results in-line with the requirements of your project.

Refine and Improve

As we work with you, we may come up with better ways of doing things. We will continue to share any insights with you and continue to improve.

Real-time monitoring

We will build easy-to-use dashboards for you where you can monitor the progress of the production project in real-time. 

Dedicated Point-person

Throughout the life-cycle of the project, a point-person will be assigned to you who will be there to help and support, and answer any queries that you might have.

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