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AI Solutions

​A small selection of use-cases we can help you with

Industrial Production

Human Augmentation; Do you have processes in your production line which depend heavily on human-judgement? 

Our Machine-Sense AI can help make your processes robust and reliable, augmenting humans with AI help, which can greatly increase your product quality and productivity. 

Sales and CRM

Emotion Recognition; Imagine if your computers could tell the emotions of your customers in real-time when they call in to your call-center. We can help you build that AI. The AI could even suggest when an operator should escalate a call. 

In situations, where you have walk-in customers, a camera can track the emotions of your customers and tell whether your customer is happy or upset or simply bored.

When the quality of your customer's interactions is recorded in that way, you can then build KPIs that measure customer happiness in real terms.


Personalization; Your customer walks into your store and a robot recognizes the customer, greeting them by their name. Based on their buying and consumption history, and that of similar customers, the robot is then able to suggest what they could consider buying today.

"Hello Mr. Roberts, here is a list of items that might interest you today. Please touch this button to print a list". 

Process Automation

Document Ingestion; You receive too many paper documents with varying formats and have to manually enter the data into your ERP.

Our AI can understand what each document is, and where each type of data is on the document, e.g. it can tell an invoice from a packing-list printed on paper, it can then even pick out the name of the supplier, the item code and the quantity that is invoiced. It could then send this data into your ERP without anyone having to manually type it in.

Policing and Defense

Perimeter security; You have put barbed wires and cameras on your perimeter, but you still need humans to monitor the camera streams. In comes our AI that can detect when a human is caught on camera. We can program a number of things to happen when a human is detected; this could include e.g. ringing an alarm and turning on a spot light following the intruder.

Please contact us for defense-related solutions.

Smart Cities

Our Deep Learning based License Plate Recognition system, Spectre, sits at the heart of smart cities, enabling a range of intelligent civic services.

AI based traffic management systems, public safety, energy and water management, environment, and smart buildings are some of the areas we can help you with.

We work closely with city governments to understand their particular needs and develop relevant solutions for them.

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