• Development Teams for Quantitative Funds

    Only the top 2% of Computer Science graduates from the leading universities in the area make it into our teams.
    Our engineers are hard-core Computer Scientists who are experts at writing high-quality, high-performance code.
  • it AI'nt IT

    "AI is the new electricity"... Andrew Ng.

    We help you find out how Artificial Intelligence could help you address problems that you thought were not solvable.
    Understand your customers better, Improve security, create new revenue streams and increase profits.
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    License-plate recognition with a mind

    Spectre was built ground-up using Deep Learning and the most modern image processing techniques. Spectre's architecture empowers you to design your own cost and operating models and scales equally well for small to large businesses and governments.
  • Data labeling services

    Do you need human help to label your data? 

    Do you have large amounts of data for object recognition and localization, or for diagnostics and analytics, or for labeling? We can quickly turn around your data, accurately labelled, at a cost that would make sense for your requirements.

    Being an AI company ourselves, we can relate to your data requirements much better. We can help you quickly digitalize your business with our data labeling services. 

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning For Your Business

Since 1988, our experts have been creating AI and Machine Vision solutions for our customers from the Middle East and South Asia to the United States.
Our solutions have addressed risk management, complex costing, customer behavior understanding, and defense and security.
Our products include Spectre, a license-plate recognition system built ground-up on Deep Learning. Talk to us about our parking management solutions.
We will work with you to create a customized plan of action for your specific problem or opportunity.
Learn how Artificial Intelligence could help you.

If you can dream it, we can build it

Our experts will work with you, to help you understand the impact of AI on your key business areas; to help you  cut costs or increase revenues though doing things differently than your competition. We will then create AI solutions  to help you achieve those objectives

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Data, faster, cheaper

We can help you clean your data, or label it for use in your machine learning projects. We can even build data-labeling tools for you, or use your data-labeling tools to create data that will be suitable for your Deep Learning or other data requirements.